Terror in the Deep


I did a little experiment with this picture. I mostly just used a brush and painted the ink wildly, trying to make a balanced abstract composition of brush strokes and ink blots. Then I went back after it dried to draw over the random shapes to make whatever picture stuck out to me. I did a number of this type of drawing but this is the one I liked the best—colored ink and pen.

2 thoughts on “Terror in the Deep

  1. Awesome! What is the actual size of the painting? How long did it take? The varying pen and brush strokes makes it all the more dynamic. Amazing, as usual.

    • Thanks for the appreciation! It isn’t all that large, 9″x13″ and took me maybe an hour. The initial painting was really quick, I wanted it to start out really randomly so that the outlining and definition of form could be more natural. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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