Saturation Island

Saturation Island

CAUTION: The color of this image may give you a cavity if stared at to long.

I got a new set of Staedtler color felt tip markers for Christmas, and as you can tell I tried to use all of them in this most recent drawing. The drawing is 18″ x 12″ and actually took me quite a while to finish because of the amount of detail I was trying to squeeze on to it. I’ve included a few detail pics so you can get a closer look. (FYI the top pic can be seen at a larger size is you click on it.)

Saturation Island Detail

I imagine you would use worms to fish for birds.

Saturation Island Detail

I may come back to this drawing to do something with the sky, but for now the white of the paper is fine.

Saturation Island Detail

Saturation Island Detail

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